Teens getting tired of Facebook drama: Pew study

Teens are leaving Facebook and turning to Twitter.

Teens find Facebook to be more an extension of their daily interactions at school and home than a place where they can relax and be themselves, according to the latest data from Pew. The unease the teens are feeling isn’t from concerns about third parties accessing their data, or even their parents discovering unflattering photos — it’s from the “drama” that goes along with maintaining a presence on the network, including jockeying for likes, agonizing over profile pictures, and the politicking and cliques that characterize teenage life.



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Unapproved Weight-Loss Surgery Becoming More Common Among Teens

obese teens

Gastric banding has not being approved by the FDA for use in adolescents younger than age 18.

A type of weight-loss surgery not approved for adolescents is becoming more and more common among teens in California, according to a report published today.  Most of the patients are white girls, although they make up less than half of overweight youth, researchers say.


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Thousands of Teen Girls in Britain Have Had 3 or More Abortions


Almost 18,000 abortions were carried out on girls aged under 18.

Government data have disclosed that 89 girls aged 17 or under who terminated a pregnancy last year had had at least two abortions previously.  The head of Britain’s largest abortion provider said many young women were living chaotic lives that meant they could not organise contraception.


Growing Acceptance Among Teens To Out of Wedlock Pregnancy


Teens more accepting of having a baby outside of marriage.

Among teens in the USA, the percentage who have had sexual intercourse or say they’d be pleased if they or their partner were to get pregnant hasn’t changed much since early in the decade, and there appears to be a growing acceptance of having babies outside marriage, a government report said Wednesday.From 1995 to 2002, “it was pretty much across-the-board improvements in those risk factors,” says lead author Joyce Abma, a statistician at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics. “It is a source of concern to see that forward movement kind of stalling.”


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Pink Lights Deployed By British In Teenager Punishment Program


Pink lights are indiscriminate and will impact all young (and old) with skin issues.

British local councils have a new weapon in their arsenal of devices that collectively and indiscriminately punish teenagers simply for being young. The new tool is a pink overhead light designed to exaggerate acne, with the intention of making children so unhappy and insecure about their appearances that they go somewhere else (mind you, these councils are almost certainly also allocating funds to helping teenagers cope with low self-esteem and avoid the problems associated with it, such as depression and vulnerability of recruitment into violent activity).

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