Elfoid – Creepy Human-Shaped Phone Tickles When It Rings



The Telenoid R1 achieved a new level of creepiness on the Japanese robotic front — quite an achievement given the country’s long history of oddball automated creations. Elfoid takes the cake, though. Developed at Osaka University and with help from NTT DoCoMo, Elfoid looks just like the Telenoid and, indeed, does much the same thing: giving you a human(ish) silhouette to talk to.  (video)


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Ghostly Telepresence Robot Telenoid R1


Casper? Is that you?

Yeah, this bot looks like Casper the friendly ghost. The Telenoid R1 comes from designer Hiroshi Ishiguro and just like Casper I’m sure he doesn’t mean to scare people, but he will. It’s the latest telepresence robot in Japan.

Weighing in at 11-lbs. the robot’s stubs, tail, eyes, mouth and limbs all move in synch with the user, thanks to 9 actuators. Facial expressions are transmitted to the robot through FaceAPI software, which tracks the eyes, mouth, and tilt of the head. (video)

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