Are U.S. drone strikes creating more terrorists than they kill?

The use of drone strikes is a polarizing topic.

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the new online infographic, “Out of Sight, Out of Mind,” which shows a chilling visualization of all estimated deaths in Pakistan caused by U.S. drone strikes, including children and civilians, based on estimates from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and New America Foundation. Whether you agree with the numbers, or the politics, behind this particular project (put together by the data visualization firm Pitch Interactive), at least it’s sparking debate. And that’s got to be a good thing — there’s still so much we don’t know about this highly controversial issue.



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Drone GPS hacking fears raised by Congress


Congress now has second thoughts on safety after pushing FAA to allow UAVs.

In a House Homeland Security oversight subcommittee hearing members of Congress raised concerns over the potential security risks posed by jamming and electronic hijacking of unmanned aerial systems, and the potential use of drones by terrorists.

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World’s Hottest Chili Will Be Used By India’s Military To Make Weapons


The bhut jolokia was confirmed by Guinness World Records in 2007 as the world’s spiciest chili

The world’s hottest chili – the thumb-sized bhut jolokia, or ghost chili – will be used by the Indian military to make hand grenades to immobilise terrorist suspects, defence officials said on Tuesday.


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Voting Opens For Angry Mermaid Award For Most Detrimental Climate Lobbying

Angry Mermaid 768

That’s one pissed fish!

The damaging impacts of corporate lobbying on international efforts to fight climate change are exposed today with the announcement of the eight candidates for the Angry Mermaid Award 2009.

The Angry Mermaid Award is named after the iconic Copenhagen mermaid who is angry about the destruction being caused by climate change

Thousands of members of the public are expected to vote at between today and Sunday 13 December for the candidate which they believe has done the most to sabotage effective action to tackle climate change.

Lobby groups representing oil, coal, aviation, the chemicals industry and emissions trading are all on the shortlist for the Angry Mermaid Award 2009, alongside biotech company Monsanto, oil giant Shell and energy company Sasol. The winner of the angry mermaid award will be announced at the Copenhagen climate talks on Tuesday 15 December 2009.

The eight nominees for the Angry Mermaid Award are:

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Nuclear Detection By Cellphone

Nuclear Detection By Cellphone 

Researchers at Purdue University are working on tech that will turn every cellphone into a roaming nuclear weapon sniffer and are lobbying Congress to legally require cellphone users and carriers to participate. The Distributed Nuclear Detection by Ubiquitous Cellphone project would be kind of like the massive cellphone dragnet in The Dark Knight, but it would look for terrorists sneaking dirty bombs and nuclear weapons instead of the Joker.

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