Five signs coworking is a good idea for you


The Vault

The traditional office has become less important as more people work via mobile phone and a laptop computer, and coworking is becoming a popular alternative.  Members get many of the benefits of office life — a community, a work environment, and meeting spaces — without giving up the freedom of working on their own schedules.


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10 great apps for coworking professionals


The Vault coworking space.

Coworking spaces are where imaginative freelancers and open-minded collaborators come together each day to bounce ideas and innovate. These shared offices rent desks to solo workers and tiny companies. Whether you’re new to coworking or a veteran of the space, there are plenty of digital tools that can transform the work experience, whether that be by connecting with experts or better managing finances.


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Is Coworking Right for Your Business?

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Coworking is a social work environment designed
to combat the loneliness and isolation of the home office

One modern compromise between working completely virtually and committing to a lease is working at a coworking space. These office spaces provide a work environment and an alternative to coffee shops for independent workers.
Campbell McKellar discovered the value of coworking spaces when the company she worked for left their expensive traditional office and started working virtually. The move allowed her to work from anywhere, and she chose Maine. “I was trying to do work in a cottage with family members and dogs running around,” she said. “I loved being fully mobile and independent, but I also wanted to have a platform to do my work.”
LooseCubes, the company McKellar founded in May, runs a website that matches independent workers with coworking spaces and spare desks in other companies. Quite appropriately, it’s currently being run out of a coworking space. McKellar says that working from the space has helped her launch.
“Especially if you’re in a creative business, the best way to get ideas is to meet new people,” she says. “You can get stale by talking to the same five people every day.”
Coworking allows McKellar to “unintentionally network” with the other people in the space, to seek advice from other entrepreneurs, and to host meetings and work with her team at a place that isn’t her living room.
On the other hand, coworking has its challenges and might not be a great fit for every company. Coworking spaces can be distracting, and most of them are set up in a way that requires people making phone calls to seek silence in the hallway.
“For us, quiet and privacy is very important,” Fried says. “So, coworking spaces and coffee shops don’t work for us.”
McKellar admits that on days when she’s “under the gun,” she chooses to work at home. And there is a point at which a company outgrows a coworking space. LooseCubes, for instance, plans to move to its own office space sometime in the next three months.

One modern compromise between working completely virtually and committing to a lease is working at a coworking space. These office spaces, like The Vault run by the DaVinci Institute, provide a work environment and an alternative to coffee shops for independent workers.

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Top 20 Brainiest Cities in America


Boulder, Colorado has been rated  America’s #1 Brainiest City

Where do the biggest brainiacs in America live?  Boulder, Colorado, tops the list of America’s brainiest metros. Boulder is home to the University of Colorado and was recently named by BusinessWeek as the nation’s best place for startup companies. In addition to CU, Boulder is the home of NCAR (National Center of Atmospheric Research), NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology), the DaVinci Institute, the Space Science Institute, and the Rocky Mountain Institute.

Boulder is also home to a vibrant startup community headed up by groups like TechStars, the Boulder NewTech Meetup Group, and Startup Guru. Located next door in nearby Louisville is The Vault, the DaVinci Institute’s famed coworking space for startups.

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The Vault – A Rising Trend in Coworking


Ted Wahler, left, and Dave Taylor take advantage of the workspace in the Vault.

Five kids, a wife and two dogs make for a very nice home, but they don’t make for a very nice home office.

Telecommunications attorney Erik Cecil learned that the hard way, as he tried to conduct business with clients and administrative law judges while chaos unfolded around him at his Rock Creek house in Superior. (Pics)


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