Immersive Cocoon – Personal 360-degree Theater for an Awesome 3D Journey


Immersive Cocoon

Imagine a digital experience that is intuitive and holistic, where your interface is not reduced to a mouse click and two-dimensional analog of a writing desk. A surround display dome complemented by the sophisticated motion-sensing software that inspired the technology depicted in the film ‘Minority Report’. With natural, intuitive movements, your entire body becomes the interface. (Video and Pics)


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Chinese Woman Sues Cinema For Wasting Her Time with Excessive Ads

chinese cinema

Polybona International Cinema

A woman in China has sued a cinema hall and the distributors of a movie, claiming excessive advertising wasted her time and violated her freedom of choice.  The suit filed by movie-goer Chen Xiaomei has been accepted by the People’s Court of Yanta district in Xi’an, Xinhua news agency quoted a statement from the court.


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Movie Theater Popcorn And Soda Equal To Three Quarter Pounders


Sharing a small portion of cinema popcorn between two would mean each person consuming a day’s worth of saturated fat

A medium popcorn and soft drink at an American cinema is the caloric equivalent of three McDonald’s quarter pounder hamburgers topped with a dozen scoops of butter, according to a new study.


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Nikon Coolpix S1000pj Projector-Cam Personal Theater On The Go


Man, the Nikon Coolpix S1000pj has gone from crazy rumor to seemingly-real to whoa-here’s-the-press-release in record time — the compact cam with the integrated projector was just officially announced, along with the three other cams we saw leaked earlier today.


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The Tornado Tower

The Tornado Tower

Tornado Tower 

A young Sweden based architecture firm Visiondivision believes in strong concepts and constantly re-investigating their role as architects by always pushing the limits of their field of work and the strategies of their design. Tornado, is an entry for an opera competition in Taiwan which was a collaboration with Markus Wagner, a member of Svensk Standard. This project is reminscent of the Dubai Dynamic tower by David Fisher – the building in motion, both projects are really impressive! (Pics)

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India’s Real ‘Slumdog Millionaire’

India’s Real ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ 

Harshvardhan Nawathe won India’s “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” in 2000.

The film “Slumdog Millionaire,” in which a poor Indian boy wins a quiz show, won eight Oscars. The country is home to a man with a similar story — Harsh Nawathe, who became a millionaire in 2000 as a TV contestant. Today he is helping to educate the children of the slums.

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Tiny Backlit Wireless Keyboard

Tiny Backlit Wireless Keyboard

 Tiny Backlit Keyboard

We may have just found the perfect replacement for that klunky Bluetooth keyboard we’ve been using in our home theater. Brando’s outdone its tiny keyboard we touted a couple of months ago with this new backlit model, scarcely larger than the palm of your hand, and running on 2.4GHz wireless rather than the sometimes-balky Bluetooth.

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New Audubon Insectarium Opens In New Orleans

New Audubon Insectarium Opens In New Orleans 

 Audubon Insectarium In New Orleans

What is it about these creatures? In the new $25 million Audubon Insectarium, which opened here in June, you can watch Formosan termites eat through a wooden skyline of New Orleans (as if this city didn’t have enough problems), stick your head into a transparent dome in a kitchen closet swarming with giant cockroaches and watch dung beetles plow their way through a mound of waste. And then you can engage in the museum’s most brilliant interactivity by joining in the line of eager visitors prepared to munch on a handful of crunchy Cajun-fried crickets or scoop up some wax-worm stir fry.

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