Thin, flexible electronics will revolutionize everything from user interfaces to packaging

flexible electronics

Recent breakthroughs in printed and flexible electronics herald a whole new age of gadgets, imaging devices and user interfaces.

The nature of the underlying electronics needs to change as our computing requirements change. We’re moving into an era of wearable gadgets that require flexibility and new user interfaces – and there are many advances required to make that happen.



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Smartphones To Text Obese Kids Thin

Cell Phones To Text Obese Kids Thin

Doctors are using mobile technology to detect lethargy in overweight teenagers, and prompt them to exercise

Technology gets the blame for a lot of health problems: cars make you lazy, video games make you violent and MP3 players make you deaf. Now researchers at the University of Southern California are hoping to prove that mobile phones, at least, can have a positive effect. They plan to connect 50 obese teenagers to a battery of sensors and use mobiles to text the kids thin.

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Thin Is In: Samsung New OLED Panel 0.05mm Thick


Thin Is In

The newspaper business may be going down the tubes but if those ever-emergent thin displays get to market soon enough there might still be hope for those technology-challenged old school publishers. The latest entry in the thin display race comes from Samsung and it’s called the Flapping Display. Revealed at Japan’s recent FPD International 2008, the 0.05millimeter-thick 4-inch OLED panel is so thin it actually flaps in the wind, a trick Samsung made sure to show off by installing a fan near the display.

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Exercise Doesn’t Make Kids Slim

 Exercise Doesn’t Make Kids Slim

 The great national pastime – Picking on the fat kid

It’s known that exercise is a key factor leading to sustained weight loss. But, a new study says otherwise — physical activity has no impact on obese children and instead they should be encouraged to eat healthier.

Researchers studied 300 children over five years and found that obese kids are inactive because of their weight and not fat because they are inactive. Parents should focus on healthy eating and cutting calorie consumption rather than getting their children engage in sports, according to them.

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