Pricing baseball seats like airline tickets

It’s impossible to set the “right ticket prices” months in advance of an individual ballgame.

On Opening Days across the country organists are again playing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” at the baseball stadiums.  But there is another game being played in box office backrooms.  Seventeen out of the 30 Major League teams were using some form of dynamic pricing last year. dynamic pricing is the concept of raising and lowering prices in accordance with demand — to price ballpark tickets. This year, the practice seems likely to grow.




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Mobile ticket sales set another record for ‘The Hunger Games’



“The Hunger Games” set the highest opening weekend for a non-sequel over this past weekend, raking in an estimated $155 million at the box office. That’s a ton of tickets and a chunk of them were sold online and on smartphones. Fandango, one of the first movie ticket sales sites, shared data from the weekend as “The Hunger Games” pushed its platform to new heights.

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Top 10 ticketed cars in America


Does what we drive affect how we drive?

Quality Planning , an analytics company that works with auto insurers asked the question: Does what we drive affect how we drive?  They ranked vehicles most likely to get a ticket based on the number of moving violations issued for each 100,000 miles driven.  There are a few predictable entries in the top 10 list but the list is not totally comprised of  flashy red sports cars.

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Airlines and Travel Websites Fight Over Booking Flights


american airline

American Airlines and travel websites fight over booking flights.

A fight between a major U.S. airline and some Web-based travel companies is having a ripple effect in the travel industry, as players take sides in a battle that could ultimately affect how fliers shop for tickets and find the best fares.


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