Scientists demonstrate direct brain-to-brain communication across 5,000 miles

brain to brain

Sending messages to other people using our cell phones is pretty convenient method, but wouldn’t it be a lot easier to just think messages to them? Telepathy is still relegated to the realm of science fiction, but an international team of researchers have gotten one step closer to making it a reality. Using transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), scientists have managed to transmit words from one person’s brain to another 5,000 miles away.



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The future of brain-to-brain communication

University of Washington researchers.

The first brain-to-brain communication occurred when a rat pressed a lever, anticipating the tasty reward it’d been trained to expect. An implant in the rat’s brain converted its neural activity into an electronic signal and beamed the impulse to the brain of the second rat, which leaped forward and pressed a lever in its own cage . But rat #2 had never been trained to press the lever. Its movement impulse came not from its own brain, but directly from the brain of rat #1 – despite the fact that the two were separated by thousands of miles.



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Power of Magnets Can Affect Whether You Use Your Right or Left Hand


Transcranial magnetic stimulation can make you a leftie.

When performing simple tasks like pushing elevator buttons or picking up a cup, the brain actually has a mini-debate as to which hand should do the jobs. Now magnetic stimulation will make sure the brain always chooses the left hand.


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