Dental plaque used to probe diet of ancient people

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Ancient people ate far differently than we do.

While we may brush and floss tirelessly and our dentists may regularly scrape and pick at our teeth to minimize the formation of plaque known as tartar or dental calculus, anthropologists may be rejoicing at the fact that past civilizations were not so careful with their dental hygiene…

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Dental filling of the future kills bacteria and regenerates tooth

dental filling of the future

The new filling contains calcium phosphate nanoparticles that rebuild tooth minerals.

Thanks to a new dental breakthrough, the dreaded trip to the dentist to replace a worn-out filling could soon be a thing of the past.  Scientists have used nanotechnology to create the first cavity-filling composite that kills harmful bacteria and regenerates tooth structure lost to decay.

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New Gadget Eliminates Pain in Dental Injections By Tricking Your Brain


People of the world who hate hate HATE going to the dentist, rejoice: DentalVibe is a new device that completely eliminates the pain when they are sticking a stainless steel needle into your gums. All by cleverly fooling your brain.

Developed by Dr. Steven G. Goldberg DDS and Bresslergroup, DentalVibe vibrates at irregular intervals. While the brain ignores rapid rhythmical vibration, it notices pulses that are not regular. These vibrations are transmitted by A-beta nerve fibers, which are faster than the slower C fibers that transmit the sensation of pain caused by the needle penetrating your gums.

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Space-Age Plasma Jet ‘Set To Replace Dentist’s Drill’

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A futuristic ‘plasma jet’ that eradicates tooth decay without fillings could be replacing the hated dentist’s drill in as little as three years, it was claimed today.

The space-age device fires a beam of electrically-charged oxygen atoms into tooth cavities to obliterate decay-causing bacteria.

Traditionally, the same job is done by drilling holes into the tooth that has to be filled.

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UV Toothbrush Uses Kinetic Energy


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What a nifty idea! Many folks insist that toothbrushes should be sterilized, after all, if you don’t, your toothbrush could become a breeding ground for all sorts of nasty bacteria. This concept toothbrush will harness the kinetic energy that we generate through the activity of us brushing out teeth. If you brush for 3 minutes, you should have made about 700 strokes, enough to power the UV LED in the tooth brush to zap the bacteria in the toothbrush.

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Vision-Restoring Surgery That Used Patient’s Tooth Performed In U.S.


Sharron Kay Thornton talks with her lead surgeon Victor Perez who restored sight to her left eye.

Doctors in Miami announced Wednesday that they had performed a vision-restoring surgery that used the 60-year-old patient’s tooth.The surgery, the first in the USA, was performed Labor Day weekend at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. Afterward, patient Sharron Thornton was able to see for the first time in nine years. “Sharron was able to see 20/60 this morning. She was seeing only shadows a couple of weeks ago,” says ophthalmologist and surgeon Victor Perez.


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Tooth Tattoos – What Would the Tooth Fairy Think?


The tooth artists at Heward Dental Lab can create custom handpainted artwork on your teeth. They have been in business for over 30 years and state “We have found that there is a lack of true artists in our industry. Our technicians were trained first to be artists and then taught how to construct teeth.”

They say that you will have your very own custom crown in 6 easy steps which include obtaining a prescription, picking out your artwork, deciding where you want it, and visiting your dentist to have it put in place.

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