One of the world’s tallest hotels to open in North Korea

ryugyong-hotel-north-korea 1

Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang stands out on the Pyongyang skyline in 2009

One of the world’s largest hotels, the massive Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang, is nearly ready to welcome guests after nearly two decades in the making, according to Architizer. (photos and video)


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10 U.S. cities that will take 10 years to recover from the recession


Reno’s economy relies on gaming and tourism, two industries which have been hit extremely hard by the recession.

December 2007 is when the Great Recession officially began and it officially ended in July 2009. But that doesn’t mean the economy has returned to where it was before the steepest downturn since the Great Depression and may not for years. Employment is not expected to return to its pre-recession peak until 2014, according to a recent report by IHS Global Insight.


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Car Shoppers Are Combining Their Purchases with Mini Vacations


The Daytona-Orlando area is the top destination for Internet car buyers.

For some car shoppers, car-buying has become an adventure with a tourism twist.  When they’ve found the perfect car on the Internet, they’re coming to get it themselves — and sticking around a few days to see the sights.


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Russian Companies Plan to Launch Commercial Space Station by 2015

commercial-space-station 1

Commercial Space Station (CSS) – module could house tourists, researchers or astronauts needing refuge; could be ready by 2015-2016

A trip to space is still big on the list of the uber-rich, and the latest news from the space tourism industry is the announcement of the world’s first commercial space station by two Russian aerospace companies – Orbital Technologies and Rocket and Space Corporation Energia (RSC Energia). They say that private citizens, professional crews and corporate researchers could use the station. The Commercial Space Station (CSS) is to be built with space-certified elements, modules and technologies of the highest standards. The station will have a crew capability of up to seven people. Orbital Technologies chief executive Sergey Kostenko said… (Pics)

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Small Croatian Island Fails To Attract Tourists, Posts Own Obituary


A small community on the island Hvar has posted its own obituary after failing to attract tourists.

Residents in Jelsa located just 30 kilometers from bustling Hvar say their town is dead and have stuck up obituaries in which they blame the tourist board and local politicians for failing to do enough to bring the tourists in…

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LA Man Creates Tour of Gangsta Hot Spots

gang tour photo 12312

 Former members of the 18th Street gang pose with customers
during one of the LA Gang Tours on May 8 in Los Angeles.

Tourists who visit Los Angeles often visit Grauman’s Chinese Theatre to see the footprints of the stars. Now they can also dip their toes into gangsta culture.

For the last six months, an L.A. company, LA Gang Tours, has been offering tours of the city’s hottest gang spots, including the county jail, the birthplace of the Black Panther Party and a lab where graffiti artists ply their trade.

The tours are priced at $65 and, along with seeing the sights, polo shirt-wearing tourists can also take photos with reformed gang members and ask them questions about the thug life.

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More Chinese Tourists To Travel Overseas in 2010

chinese travelers

People gather at the Exit-Entry Administration Office of Nanjing public security bureau  to apply for overseas trips.

More mainland tourists are expected to spend money on overseas travel this year, said a report by a think tank to the national tourism authority.

The Annual Report of China Outbound Tourism Development 2009-2010, released by the China Tourism Academy on Thursday, estimated that 54 million tourists would go abroad this year, up from 47 million in 2009.


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Norway’s Turbine City Concept Should Be The Future of Energy and Tourism

Wind Farm_norway12_01
Norway is blowing away other countries in wind power.
Norway already boasts the world’s first floating wind turbine, and is apparently the windiest coastline in Europe, making it perfect for even more turbines. Or a turbine city, like On Office’s proposal which shows a stunning vision of the future.The Turbine City concept from the architectural firm not only harnesses all that valuable wind, it also shows a smart tourism scheme housing a hotel, spa and museum.

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India Tightens Tourism Rules – Britain and US Protest

india temple 2423
New Rules for Travel in India
Britain and the US have lodged a diplomatic protest with India after the government in Delhi introduced rules barring tourists from returning to the country within two months of any visit.

The new visa rules, which also apply to other foreign nationals, are apparently a reaction to the arrest in the US of a Mumbai terror suspect, David Coleman Headley, who had entered India on a multiple-entry visa.

The British high commission in Delhi has urged the Indian government to rethink the policy, which is expected to hit tourists planning to use India as a base for touring the region…