A Security Researcher Develops a $1500 System That Can Intercept Cellphone Calls


A cell phone base station that tricks cell phones into routing their outbound calls through the device.

A security researcher has put together a $1,500 system that pretends to be a cell phone tower and tricks your cellphone into routing everything through it—even encrypted calls. Here’s how it works.


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The Tornado Tower

The Tornado Tower

Tornado Tower 

A young Sweden based architecture firm Visiondivision believes in strong concepts and constantly re-investigating their role as architects by always pushing the limits of their field of work and the strategies of their design. Tornado, is an entry for an opera competition in Taiwan which was a collaboration with Markus Wagner, a member of Svensk Standard. This project is reminscent of the Dubai Dynamic tower by David Fisher – the building in motion, both projects are really impressive! (Pics)

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Kowloon Walled City


 Kowloon Walled City

 Sunlight comes only rarely, with a sliver slicing down between the ramshackle towers. The light here is fluorescent and the people packed sardine tight amongst twisting corridors. Some of the lower levels are widely considered uninhabitable due to trash. Up the street (if it can be called that) there’s a drug parlor with an unlicensed “doctor” open for business upstairs. They exist openly: there are no police because there is no law.

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Anara Tower, Gigantic And Magnificent Skyscraper



Anara Tower

In a rush to build the maximum number of gigantic and magnificent skyscrapers before the oil runs out, Dubai is at it again. Just look at this 2150-foot monster, the Anara Tower, scheduled to be built next year. The skyscraper will be about 500 feet shorter than the world’s tallest building – the Burj Dubai located nearby and nearly complete – but it’ll still be one of the most massive structures ever built.

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Foreign Workers and the Dubai Building Boom

Foreign Workers and the Dubai Building Boom

Behind every great building boom lies an army of unsung heroes doing the toughest jobs

Migrant workers on a building construction site in Dubai. No country is as dependent on migrants as the United Arab Emirates, where foreigners make up about 85 percent of the population and 99 percent of the private work force. (Pics)

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