The real manufacturing advantage in America

assembly line general motors

General Motors assembly line.

In the United States the industrial sector is rebounding. Manufacturers are boosting output, building new plants, increasing exports, and creating better-paying jobs that require precise skills—and in the process are helping lead the U.S. out of the long, stubborn slump that followed the market disruptions of 2007.


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Chinese shipping firm begins using new arctic shipping route to Europe

The Arctic Ocean shipping route will cut thousands of miles off the journey from China to its key European market. (The Northeast Passage is in blue)

A Chinese merchant ship has made its maiden voyage to Europe through the “Northeast Passage.”  This route will help the world’s biggest exporter speed goods to market and is a symbol of Beijing’s strategic ambitions in the Arctic.


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Crowdfunding: 23 Unusual Ways it May be Applied


Futurist Thomas Frey: Michael Migliozzi and Brian Flatow started a website called in November 2009 who’s lofty goal was to buy the ailing century old Pabst Blue Ribbon beer company. Working to match the $300 million sale price, in less than two years the pair had attracted over 5 million investors pledging upwards of $280 million, with an average pledge of $40.

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