The Noob’s Guide to Tumblr

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Get rolling on Tumblr!

If you’re new to Tumblr and wondering how to become a POWER USER, this handy guide should get you started. It’s full of general advice as well as handy html tricks to pull off slick moves like reblogging yourself and embedding GIFs the right way.

Before long Topherchris will be reblogging all your posts, you’ll get featured on the radar once a week, and you’ll be up to your neck in Likes.

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Top 10 Most Influential CEO’s Under 30 in 2010

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Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook

The nominations and votes are in from the Under30CEO audience and below we have put together the 30 most influential Under30CEO’s from 2010. Influence was asked to be judged on how much the person’s ventures were impacting the world and the way we live everyday. This entire group is tremendous and together their ventures are valued near $100billion and reach millions if not billions of people across the world.  While most of these companies are private, we’ve done our best to find as much financial information available about their companies.

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