Boring Company gets approval to build a tunnel connecting a garage to a hyperloop


Elon Musk’s Boring Company continues to gain validation from city governments. In June, the company was selected to build a multibillion-dollar rapid transit link between downtown Chicago to O’Hare International Airport, and just this week, it got approval from the Hawthorne City Council in California to start building a prototype garage that would transport cars to an underground hyperloop.


The garage will be built on a private residence near SpaceX’s headquarters, which will be rented by the company. The Mercury News reports that, as part of the conditions of the approval, the test elevator will be closed to the public, and no cars will be able to move from the garage to the street in order to keep the project from impacting traffic. Instead, cars must start at SpaceX HQ and stay in the one-mile stretch of tunnel between the residence garage and the company. A sketch of the prototype, seen above, shows an elevator shaft that would lower cars into the tunnel that connects to the hyperloop. More than 100 residents have been notified of the project and assured that the noise would be minimal, but it’s to be seen how quiet drilling tunnels will actually be.

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Map reveals how the entire world could be connected using a global underground network


Web developer Chris Gray came up with his idea for a global Underground map when he was visiting Australia.

What if you could board a train in Madras, India and travel to Boston without changing trains? One man has imagined the world as a giant London Underground map where people can travel freely between countries and traverse vast bodies of water from the comfort of their seat while vehicles speed through vast tunnels.



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Robot To Explore Mysterious Tunnels In Great Pyramid

pyramid romystun

Using A Robot In the Great Pyramid

For 4,500 years, the Great Pyramid at Giza has enthralled, fascinated and ultimately frustrated everyone who has attempted to penetrate its secrets. Now a robotics team from Leeds University is preparing a machine which they hope will solve one of its enduring mysteries…

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Russian Man Builds Own Personal Subway System


Leonid Mulyanchik single-handedly builds own subway system.

Everybody is into rail these days; it is the greenest way to get around next to a bike. Leonid Mulyanchik has been into it for years since before the Berlin Wall fell, since before the first Macintosh, building “his own private underground Metro railway system.” English-Russia says that he has been doing it with his pension, that it is all legal and approved and that he is still at it. Gizmodo calls it “inspiring, one man against all odds type of persistence, but more the obsessive, borderline insane persistence.” (Pics)


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