Sharks use Twitter to warn Aussie swimmers

When a shark comes roughly within .6 mile to shore a transmitter triggers an alert to send a tweet.

Western Australia (WA) scientists have equipped at least 320 sharks with transmitters that update a Twitter feed when the shark nears shore, meaning that technology is one step closer to finally defeating sharks.



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75% of world leaders are now on Twitter

Digital Policy Council (DPC) has a new survey that shows 75 percent of the world’s heads of state have a presence on Twitter.  A total of 164 countries were evaluated by the DPC study, and it found this year that 123 of them have a head of state that is on Twitter, either with a personal handle or an official government one. That’s up significantly from 2011, when 69 out of the 164 countries had a Twitter presence.



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Japanese Scientists Create Mouse that Tweets Like a Bird


Japanese scientists have produced a genetically-engineered mouse that tweets like a bird, it was revealed today.  A team of researchers at the University of Osaka are breeding genetically modified mice that are prone to miscopying DNA and are more likely to develop mutations.


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Using Facebook or Twitter Could Raise Your Insurance Premiums



Looking for trouble when you Tweet?

Services such as Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Buzz can alert criminals when users are not home, according to, the price comparison service. Foursquare, for example, shows that people are in a specific spot and, more importantly, that the user is definitely not at home, added.

It predicted that the new wave in social media could eventually lead to big rises in home insurance premiums.

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Retweeting To Be Formally Incorporated Into Twitter


The microblogging and social networking site Twitter took off last year and had more than 44.5 million users worldwide as of June. In the 140-character limited ecosystem of Twitter, users have evolved a language of their own, figuring out creative ways to filter the sometimes overwhelming stream of Twitter posts. Now, Twitter has announced that a user-generated communication technique called retweeting–reposting someone else’s message, similar to quoting–will be formally incorporated into Twitter. Some experts say Twitter’s approach will hinder the conversational aspect of retweeting; others predict that it will create a new way of communicating.


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Tweet On The Street

Tweet On The Street

Social networking has become the new frontier for public relations 

The sign of the times that was the late February shutdown of the Rocky Mountain News is the result of a long-brewing sea change in the public’s media-consumption habits. It follows that it also represents a sea change in public relations. Less newsprint and fewer newsrooms make for less opportunity for companies to get exposure in traditional media.
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