The Coming Era of Alternative Credentialing


Futurist Thomas Frey:  Earlier this week the DaVinci Institute became the first organization in the world to offer Microdegrees® to the graduates of the Institute’s coding school, DaVinci Coders. People who complete courses in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Swift/iOS, and Game Development will all be on track to receive this new form of credentialing.   Continue reading… “The Coming Era of Alternative Credentialing”

New Nanodegree program for iOS developers from Udacity


Online education provider Udacity launched its Nanodegree program last year.  Partnering with AT&T, the initiative’s goal is to help people develop focused vocational specialties in a short period of time.

NOTE:  Anyone interested in learning to code, DaVinci Coders offers multiple courses designed to get you into the rapidly growing technology industry.  For more info please visit   Continue reading… “New Nanodegree program for iOS developers from Udacity”

Coding Education & Tech Trends of 2014

EdTech c24m0o

Audrey Watters:  “The business of ed-tech” is also the “politics of ed-tech.” The business and the politics of ed-tech together dictate almost all the other trends that I’ll cover in this year-end series. MOOCs. Big data. Learning analytics. Privacy. Competency-based education. Buzzwords.

One way to identify the dominant ed-tech trends is to look at what venture capitalists are funding. Another is to look at what government policies are demanding. The state of Maryland, for example, said this year that it would need to invest $100 million in technology upgrades in order to be ready for the new online testing mandated by the Common Core State Standards.

New hardware. New infrastructure. New curriculum. New expenditures.  So… who benefits?

Continue reading… “Coding Education & Tech Trends of 2014”

The Growing Dangers of Technological Unemployment and the Re-Skilling of America


Futurist Thomas Frey: In March, when Facebook announced the $2 billion acquisition of Oculus Rift, they not only put a giant stamp of approval on the technology, but they also triggered an instant demand for virtual reality designers, developers, and engineers.



Continue reading… “The Growing Dangers of Technological Unemployment and the Re-Skilling of America”

The ‘nanodegree’ – A new type of college degree created by AT&T and Udacity


An instructor for Udacity teaching an online Python class.

AT&T and the online education provider Udacity have partnered to create the “nanodegree,” a new type of college degree similar to the Micro Colleges that Futurist Thomas Frey predicted. The vocationally focused nanodegree is designed to be a lifelong learning portfolio that would be widely recognized by the tech industry and far cheaper to obtain.



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Udacity’s Sebastian Thrun: MOOC’s not effective for undergraduate education

Sebastian Thrun

Sebastian Thrun, founder of Udacity, captivated the world with visions of self-driving cars and Google Glass and has signed up 16 million students for online classes. So why is he pivoting away from MOOC’s? Thrun says, “We don’t educate people as others wished, or as I wished.”



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