YouTube users upload more than 100 hours of video per minute


On the internet there are only a few things bigger than Facebook, but YouTube, owned by Google, is one of them, and today the world’s top online video service marked its eight year anniversary by revealing that it is now seeing more than 100 hours of video uploaded every minute.



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Set Up and Get to Know Your New Camera

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Looking at life through a whole new lens.

Whether it takes photos or videos, and whether it fits in the palm of your hand or has interchangeable lenses, you’ve got a brand new camera to play with. Here’s how to get the most out of your great new gift.

Before you dive right in, here are a few things you should do with your camera first…

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Kindle Gets 85% More Battery Life And PDF Support



Amazon has announced that it has a hardware update that will boost the battery life by 85% (with wireless 3G on). That translates in about 7 days instead of 4. The battery life for the sleep mode remains unchanged. Note that the first Kindle won’t benefit from the power management update…

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Sony Cybershot G3 Camera Offers Direct Web Browsing


Sony Cybershot G3 Camera Offers Direct Web Browsing 

 Sony Cybershot G3

The Sony Cybershot G3 is a true first. It boasts direct web browsing from the camera via WiFi. The camera can upload photos and videos to Web sites through any public hotspot via its built-in Web browser. It comes with complimentary AT&T WiFi access to Sony’s Easy Upload Home Page all the way up until Jan. 31, 2012. It includes Wi-Fi access at thousands of AT&T hotspots across the United States, including participating coffee shops, some bookstores and quick-serve restaurant locations, plus hundreds of upscale hotels and airports. Some specs on the camera include a dedicated WLAN button, direct links to photo sharing sites like Shutterfly and Picasa Web Albums; video sharing sites like YouTube and Dailymotion.

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