Study: Video Games Make You Eat More

video games and eating

Video games compel you to eat even when you aren’t hungry.

A study in Canada has offered up a new clue to the country’s obesity epidemic.  The study suggested that video-game use is not just a rampant and sedentary replacement for physical exertion, but actually compels players to eat more — even when they are not hungry.


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Exposure to Violence Increases Aggression in Children: Studies

video game study

Monkey See, Monkey Do when it comes to children and violence.

Two world-wide studies published within a year of each other have looked at the increase of violence among children. They came, not surprisingly, to the same conclusion, one which seems like common sense to many of us, but which has been challenged time and time again by propagandists for TV and video game manufacturers.  The conclusion? Violence begets violence, no matter where it comes from.


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In the Future, Your Car May Be Made of Mushrooms

mushroom power up

Video Games have long been using mushrooms as a source for power, energy and advancement.

In the future, mushrooms may be as common in cars as they are on pizza.

Believe it or not, scientists who are trying to find more sustainable ways to build car parts believe the answers may be found in things such as mushroom roots.

The newest episode of the PBS series “Nova,” which aired on Wednesday 2/2, focuses on the new discoveries that scientists such as Deborah Mielewski, the technical leader of plastics research at Ford Motor Co., are working on to reduce the carbon tire track that autos leave on the environment…

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Yahoo Installs Multiplayer Gaming at San Francisco Bus Stops


Riders waiting for Muni buses at select stops in downtown will be passing the time playing video games, as well as the opportunity to win a concert by OK Go.

Yahoo recently installed huge poster-size touchscreens at 20 San Francisco bus stops, allowing commuters to play online games against people at other bus stops. Nothing brings out my allegiance to my neighborhood like some crazyass futuristic sports trivia.


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Action Packed Video Games Boosts Ability to Concentrate in a Crisis

call of duty

A scene from Call of Duty.

Action packed video games are often criticised for being distracting and encouraging violent behavior.  However, a review published this month has found that people who play ‘shoot ’em ups’ such as Halo and Call of Duty have far better visual attention than their non-gaming peers.


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University of Calgary Adds Video Games as Study Material

video game library

“Video games are just another media format for conveying information”

Do video games have any value when it comes to academic research? Do they belong on shelves alongside books and movies as study materials? One university’s library curator thinks they do, and he plans to add games both new and retro to the school’s archives.



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Video Game Retail Sales Continue to Slip

game over

Retail sales of video games slip.

Video game retail sales slipped once again in May, hurt by lower prices of gaming consoles.  Total sales of game systems, software and accessories dropped to $823.5 million in May, down 5 percent from a year earlier, according to figures released Thursday by the NPD Group, a market research firm.


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