Second Life officially turns 10 years old

Second Life provides startups with a few hard but valuable lessons on the realities of creating products and building audiences.

The once-trendy virtual world Second Life officially turns 10 years old this week. It’s been years since its initial hype wave. Many technorati thought it would be as important to the internet as Facebook itself and many may even be surprised that SL still exists. In fact, the pioneering VR world is both profitable and maintains  a relatively large userbase for a 3D online world.



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Making Whuffie – Social Networks and New Economic Incentives in 2020

social networks

By 2020 technology would allow you to enter a room and view someone’s pertinent social details floating above their head.

Imagine entering a cocktail party full of strangers, and instantly knowing all of their names. Or meeting a business contact for the first time, and not having to exchange cards–you already know his contact information, his reputation among his peers and even his criminal record.


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Women Shifting to Cyber Sex

Women Shifting to Cyber Sex

Future sex may be all about getting wired up right

Sex is not just confined to the bedroom anymore, as many women have found a sex haven in the virtual world.

One in five Aussie women have admitted to having a sexual encounter in an internet chatroom, reveals a new survey. Conducted by author Joan Sauers for her new book Sex Lives of Australian Women , the survey questioned nearly 2000 women from around the country.

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The Virtual Sperm Tour on Secondlife


What everyone has been waiting for, male reproductive system simulation

One of the best presentations at the February Eduverse Symposium was the presentation of Douglas R. Danforth, Ph.D. at the Ohio State University who took the audience on a “Testis Tour”, or as the non-biological or medically educated say: “The Virtual Sperm Tour” which sounds kind of cheap for such an impressive build.

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