Data becomes major revenue driver for U.S. mobile industry

mobile data revenue

In the fourth quarter of 2013 was the turning point in which the U.S. mobile industry started making more money off of data than from voice. Data became a bigger revenue source for carriers than voice services. From this point on data will be the primary growth driver for the U.S. mobile industry, while voice will recede in the rearview mirror.



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Future Robot’s Furo is an intelligent and interactive robot

Future Robot’s Furo at CES 2014

One of the many robots featured at CES 2014 is Future Robot’s FURo-S that is a service robot with a simulated human face for a head. Carrying a screen, the robot is designed with advertising or shopping in mind, and reacts to people through its facial, gesture and voice recognition all with an emoting face.



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MindMeld app: First voice and video calling app that understands conversations in real-time


The serial entrepreneur, Tim Tuttle,  who co-founded web acceleration technology company Bang Networks and video search engine Truveo (acquired by AOL), has returned with his third startup, Expect Labs, which he co-founded with Moninder Jheeta (who built infrastructure for Truveo.) Expect Labs has announced its first product, an iPad app for simplified group conferencing called MindMeld that is built upon Expect’s core technology concept — anticipatory computing. Even as a demo, it is an impressive piece of technology that shows where the future of computing is headed. (video)



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The end of the TV remote control


Designers are now employing built-in cameras and microphones to enable TVs to recognize your gestures, spoken instructions, and even individual faces.

For over 60 years the TV remote control has been a centerpiece of living rooms and the focus of family squabbles. But its age is showing — and new technologies built into the next generation of TVs may replace the old clicker.

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Universal translator lets you speak a foreign language in your own voice

foreign language

Research software from Microsoft synthesizes speech in a foreign language, but in a voice that sounds like yours.

Researchers at Microsoft have made software that can learn the sound of your voice, and then use it to speak a language that you don’t. The system could be used to make language tutoring software more personal, or to make tools for travelers.

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Vocal fry creeping into the speech of young women in the U.S.

vocal fry

College-age women end sentences in the lowest vocal register, a creaky vibration called vocal fry.

Vocal fry, a low creaky, vibration has crept into the speech of young adult women who speak American English. Pop singers, such as Britney Spears, slip vocal fry into their music as a way to reach low notes and add style. Now, a new study of young women in New York state shows that the same guttural vibration—once considered a speech disorder—has become a language fad.


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Google adds speech recognition to its search engine


Speech recognition searches may take time for web users to get used to.

Asking a computer out loud for information is seen as a futurist idea right out of science fiction.  But Google is trying to change that.  They are adding speech recognition to its search engine which will release technology that will allow any browser, website, or app to use the feature.


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Mobile Phones Could be Charged by the Sound of Your Voice

mobile phone

Engineers have developed a new technique for turning sound into electricity, allowing a mobile to be powered up while its user holds a conversation

 A dead battery or a lost charger are among the frustrations of modern life for cellphone users.  There is now new research that promises a way to recharge phones using nothing but the power of the human voice.


An Explosion of Texting Among 18 to 34 Year Olds Pushes The Telephone Conversation Into a Serious Decline


Texting among 18 to 24 year olds has doubled.

Jane Beard and Jeffrey Davis didn’t realize how little they speak to their children by phone until they called AT&T to switch plans. The customer service agent was breathless. The Silver Spring couple had accumulated 28,700 unused minutes.


Gospel Singer Croaks Out Lowest Note Ever Sung


A former gospel singer from Illinois has hit the lowest note ever produced by a human voice, according to Guinness World Records.

Roger Menees, from Anna, in the southern part of the state, received a certificate this week from the organisation.