Top 10 happiest states in the U.S.

If you live in Hawaii, Colorado, or Minnesota then chances are you are happier than those that live in Mississippi, Kentucky, and West Virginia. That’s according to the 2012 Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. The report that comes out every year surveys 1,000 people each day for 350 days out of the year, asking them questions about work environment, physical health, emotional health, lifestyle behaviors like exercise and smoking, access to things like health care and food, and overall life satisfaction.



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Latin Americans are happiest people in the world

Happiest people live in Latin American countries.

Qatar is the richest county in the world but the world’s happiest people don’t live there.  They don’t live in Japan either, the country with the highest life expectancy.  With a chart-topping percentage of college graduates in Canada, they didn’t make the top 10 of the happiest people in the world either.




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Hawaiians have the highest sense of well-being: survey

Na Hula O Kaohikukapulani

Understanding well-being is important because it has such strong influence on the choices we make.

Hawaii comes out on top in a new ranking of which state’s residents have the best sense of overall well-being, based on physical health, happiness, job satisfaction and other factors that affect quality of life.

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