Copenhagen Wheel will make your bike faster, smarter, and connected

Copenhagen Wheel

An MIT SENSEable City Lab  team has developed technology called the “Copenhagen Wheel” that turns regular bikes into electric, connected bikes that are loaded with sensors and transmit a wealth of data.



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Folding Electric Bike – The “Mini-Farthing”

mini farthing 4321
If only I could wipe this swarmy look off my face…
The YikeBike is an electric, folding “mini-farthing” (think “penny-farthing”) bike — €3,500 gets you a 10kg electric scooter that folds up to the size of a cymbal set and travels 10-20km on a single charge at 20km/h. Ideal for short-hop commuters who are too lazy to pedal a bicycle, as well as anyone who doesn’t think a Segway is dorky enough!

Get Running At France’s Human Hamster Hotel

Human_hamster hotel 1234

Theme rooms for the furry friendly
French workers tired of the rat race have been offered the chance to live like a hamster for the night instead. For only 99 euros a night (£88), people in Nantes can cage themselves in the specially-designed hotel.  (video after jump…)

DriveAssist Will Hold Your Calls While You Are Driving

DriveAssist Will Hold Your Calls While You Are Driving

When you get a call while you’re driving, what do you do? Do you pick it up, or let it go to your voicemail? Of course there’s always a temptation to grab it, especially if you think it may be an emergency. Driving while distracted, however, is starting to become more and more of a problem, and one that’s costing lives.

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Female Robot Unicyclist

Female Robot Unicyclist 

 Murato Seiko-chan self-balancing robot unicyclist

Robots have been an integral part of the Japanese society, and there have been many robotic toys that are far more advanced than many devices meant for adults. The Murata Seiko-chan is a self-balancing robot unicyclist that was created in order to meet the demands of many people who were already bowled over by the company’s Murata Boy, a robot bicyclist.

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History of the World’s Craziest Invention – The Monowheel

History of the World’s Craziest Invention - The Monowheel

First Monowheel

A monowheel is a crazy contraption where the rider sits inside the wheel. Not to be confused with a unicycle, where the rider sits above the wheel, the monowheel is a hard to drive and hard to steer vehicle that has a unique and colorful history.  Here is a collection of some pretty amazing photos. (Pics)

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