Cyglo Bike Tires with Embedded LED’s Powered as the Wheels Turn


Cyglo bike tires

Cyglo bike tires are the pimped-out equivalent of spinners for bikes. They have LEDs embedded into the rubber which will glow in a perfect circle of light as the wheels turn, making you safe but also making you look awesome/stupid as you ride.


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Sideways Rolling Omnidirectional Wheels Made Out Of Little Feet

airtrax 8567
Curious Rollings
Airtrax’s omnidirectional wheels for industrial vehicles can roll forward, back, sideways, diagonally… Like something out of a Neal Stephenson novel. I want an electric car with these things (though who know how they wear on road conditions?).

Top 10 Futuristic Vehicles

Top 10 Futurist Vehicles

MMR25 by Mitsubishi Motors

Today’s list is the future. From wild wheels to perfect seats to flying cars, this is the way we’ll be crashing into each other when tomorrow rolls around. Are you ready for that?! Are you ready to do some amazing flips, twists, and the all important barrel roll? Drop the back on in! (Pics)


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Wind Powered GreenBird Breaks Land Speed Record



Wind powered transportation is nothing new to this planet. While it has remained on the lakes and oceans for the most part, there are a few people out there who have brought it onto dry land. One such person, Richard Jenkins, has taken wind power to a new level by breaking the land speed record for a wind powered vehicle.

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QA – Sleek Telepresence Robot By Anybots

QA - Sleek Telepresence Robot By Anybots 

QA by Anybots 

The folks over at Anybots have a telepresence robot that’s impressive inside and out. Called QA, the ‘bot has an attractively slim Apple-white exterior with big ‘n’ soft blue eyes, and its functionality doesn’t suffer for its good looks. It can cruise along on its wheels at up to six miles per hour and, if anything tries to knock it over, it can quickly right itself as it glides along.

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RORMaxx – Wind Powered Sports Car

RORMaxx - Wind Powered Sports Car 


In the ongoing search for alternative energy, few things have been so overlooked as wind. Granted, many places are beginning to accept wind power as an easily accessible form of renewable energy, but still others don’t see its potential. It is this problem that 2 young minds from California have set out to solve.

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The Jollbot Robot

The Jollbot Robot

 Jollbot – Jumps like a grasshopper, stings like a bee

Jumping over hurdles and rolling through better surfaces is daunting. Similarly, maneuvering over on the lunar and extraterrestrial surfaces is equally challenging for the bots and machines alike. Making robots with ability to move about efficiently in all terrains is expensive and cumbersome, therefore Jollbot is a great introduction here. Created by Rhodri Armour, a PhD student from the University of Bath, the Jollbot is a robot that can jump like a grasshopper and roll like a ball. (w/Video)

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Home Chare: Wheelchair, Bed and Stair Climber Combined

Home Chare:  Wheelchair, Bed and Stair Climber Combined 

Home Chare

For the disabled or the infirm, there are a large number of expensive pieces of equipment to help you get around and live your day to day life. There’s the wheelchair, the stair climber and the sick bed, all of which involve moving from one to the other. The Home Chare, however, combines all three, removing the need to be lifted from one apparatus to another.

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I-Swarm Project: Robotic Ants May One Day Build On Mars

I-Swarm Project:  Robotic Ants May One Day Build On Mars

I-Swarm Project

Recent discoveries of water and Earth-like soil on Mars have set imaginations running wild that human beings may one day colonize the Red Planet. However, the first inhabitants might not be human in form at all, but rather swarms of tiny robots.   Video after the jump.

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Introducing The Blade Runner

 Introducing The Blade Runner

50% bus, 50% truck, 50% train

The British company Silvertip Design has created a concept vehicle, which is a cross between a light rail and a bus. The Blade Runner concept aims to reduce traffic congestion and is a dual-mode vehicle concept. The unique feature of the Blade Runner is that it is equipped with both road wheels and retractable rail wheels. So it can switch between driving on roads and railway tracks. (Pics)

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