Suits that Transport

Students of automotive design and fashion at the European Institute of Design in Barcelona have joined forces to explore the futures of urban mobility, in collaboration with Iniciativa BMW. “Suits That Transport”—translated a little cagily from the Spanish “El traje que te transporta”— is the name given to an exhibition of the students final outcomes currently on public display on the Rambla Catalunya in central Barcelona. (pics)


The concepts on offer are imaginative to say the least. “Comme des Voitures”  supposes a mobile urbanite zipping through the city streets on boots soled with large ball-bearings whilst being bombarded with ambient and real time information on the intelligent visor. Similarly “City-Sking” offers up the idea of skis made for urban terrain—and a funky space-suit to match. Yet more blue-sky is the mysterious “Flying suit”—what this inflatable-looking garment is intended to do we can only imagine. Oh and you heard it here first—black and white will be the new florescent hi-vis.


Smart-arse jibes aside—and credit where credit is due—we’ve got to give it to the participants for some highly creative concepts and some modelling of the highest order. Its great to see, as always, some imaginative energy being invested in alternative mobility solutions—even if they can verge on the Jetsonian on occasion.








Via Core 77