Glide on your new ride.

Watching basketball, do you ever wonder what happens to the wood flooring when the court has to be replaced? Well, in the case of the court at Virginia State University, the maple planks once played on by the Trojans were recycled, and in an unusual way: they’ve been remade into skateboards…

The boards are the work of Brian Lopez, a Richmond, Virginia based artist and craftsman, who owns Glide Skateboards. Lopez, who founded Glide in 2009, reclaims hardwood flooring that he hand crafts into skateboard decks. He writes:

We believe it’s time to stop depending on our mother earth for resources and to start co-depending with her for a sustainable future. We put love and soul into every board we make and hope it resonates in the rider.

The result is a line of cool, unique products. How else can you ride around town on a board that is not only recycled, but made from the very wood your favorite player slam dunked on? And the best part is that if the board ever breaks, you can always recycle it again- into furniture.