vein sensor

Fujitsu’s vein sensor is the world’s smallest and slimmest.

Technology to make biometric security useful is already in place.  Manufacturers are making biometric security more efficient, and usable. Fujitsu has created the world’s smallest and slimmest vein sensor. The vein sensor recognizes the veins on the palm of a person’s hand, unlike a fingerprint sensor that reads a user’s finger prints in order to verify a person’s identit.   The user just has to hold their palm lightly over the sensor in order to use it.  The user doesn’t even have to touch the sensor, eliminating any hygienic issues.


The sensor works by using a high-speed image capture function that captures images at up to 20 frames per second. It then picks out the best image for authentication and automatically verifies it. Usually such sensors are relatively thick, and don’t have such high-speed cameras are require users to let their hands hover uncomfortably while being scanned.

With Fujitsu’s new sensor, this sort of verification can see a whole lot more use, especially on mobile devices such as laptops due to its small size and thickness. No word on when we’ll start seeing this technology in place but you can expect it to be in the near future.

Via Ubergizmo