Biometric ring to replace your passwords, cards and keys

Biometric Password Ring 1

Smart rings aren’t a new idea: There are plenty of fitness tracking, notification-sending, payment or even protective finger ornaments around. But none have the ability to identify you and authorize your transactions wherever you go. That is, until Token hits the market. It’s a biometric ring that can be used to open house doors, start cars, make credit card transactions and sign in to your computer.

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Hackers steal 5.6M fingerprint files: What can criminals do with the data?


Cybercriminals stealing our biometric information is very unsettling. Passwords, credit cards and even Social Security numbers can be changed to guard against identify theft and fraud. Fingerprints, however, cannot. At least, not permanently. Perhaps the only silver lining to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s announcement last week that criminals had stolen 5.6 million fingerprint files, up from the 1.1 million files originally reported missing, is that it would be extremely difficult to use such biometric data to commit fraud or theft.

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PulseWallet lets you pay for things by scanning your veins


A machine called PulseWallet scanns the veins in your hand and charges your credit card to pay for things. PulseWallet, or palm scanners like it, might soon call your local Starbucks home and provide one more way to pay for your Pumpkin Spice Latte.


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Car seat sensors ID drivers by their rear ends


Pressure-sensing seat

Hilarity quickly ensues when Larry David calls out “I’d know that tush anywhere!” When your car says it – or at least, thinks it – the result is the engine starting and personal comfort preferences like climate control and seat positioning being remembered and activated, hands free. It’s still sort of hilarious, of course, but you can’t deny the security or the practicality inherent in the concept.

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Fujitsu Creates the World’s Smallest Vein Sensor

vein sensor

Fujitsu’s vein sensor is the world’s smallest and slimmest.

Technology to make biometric security useful is already in place.  Manufacturers are making biometric security more efficient, and usable. Fujitsu has created the world’s smallest and slimmest vein sensor. The vein sensor recognizes the veins on the palm of a person’s hand, unlike a fingerprint sensor that reads a user’s finger prints in order to verify a person’s identit.   The user just has to hold their palm lightly over the sensor in order to use it.  The user doesn’t even have to touch the sensor, eliminating any hygienic issues.


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