Skin-like, flexible sensor lets robots detect us


A new sensor for robots is designed to make our physical interactions with these machines a little smoother—and safer. The sensor, which is now being commercialized, allows robots to measure the distance and angle of approach of a human or object in close proximity.

Industrial robots often work autonomously to complete tasks. But increasingly, collaborative robots are working alongside humans. To avoid collisions in these circumstances, collaborative robots need highly accurate sensors to detect when someone (or something) is getting a little too close.

Many sensors have been developed for this purpose, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Those that rely on sound and light (for example, infrared or ultrasonic time-of-flight sensors) measure the reflections of those signals and must therefore be closely aligned with the approaching object, which limits their field of detection.

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IBM fingernail sensor tracks health through your grip


Its AI could detect the development of a disease.

The strength of your grip can frequently be a good indicator of your health, and not just for clearly linked diseases like Parkinson’s — it can gauge your cognitive abilities and even your heart health. To that end, IBM has developed a fingernail sensor that can detect your grip strength and use AI to provide insights. The device uses an array of strain gauges to detect the deformation of your nail as you grab objects, with enough subtlety to detect tasks like opening a pill bottle, turning a key or even writing with your finger.

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L’Oréal’s wearable sensor will track your UV exposure throughout the day


It even integrates with Apple’s HealthKit.

L’Oréal has announced a wearable device that measures your exposure to ultraviolet radiation that can seriously damage your skin and eyes and potentially cause skin cancer. The La Roche-Posay My Skin Track UV sensor is designed to clip onto your clothes or bag, and it relies on NFC rather than Bluetooth to transmit its data, meaning it doesn’t require a battery to function. L’Oreal previously introduced a similar sensor that attached to your fingernail.

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These High-Tech Glasses Will Give You Superhuman Vision


It can be impossible for humans to tell apart very similar colors. But, with a new pair of tetrachromatic glasses created by researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, you can never again leave the house wearing two items of black clothing that don’t quite match.

These spectacles enhance the user’s existing color vision, affording them new power to discern more distinct shades. Once developed for practical applications, they could be used to spot camouflaged targets in the field or identify counterfeit money.

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Flexible wearable sensor enables 24-hour blood flow monitoring

flexible sensor

The best medical devices for measuring blood flow today require the patient to first show up at a clinic or hospital, then stay very still during the imaging procedure. But an experimental sensor that clings to skin like a temporary tattoo could enable 24-hour monitoring of blood flow wherever a patient goes.

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NFL players to wear RFID chips to track their movements on the field

rfid chip football

The sensors will track the players on the field.

Beginning this September, and for the first time ever 17 National Football League stadiums will employ radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to better track how players move on the field during games. The football league has partnered with Zebra Technologies to use its quarter-sized RFID sensors inside the shoulder pads of players. These sensors will track not just where players are on the field, but also how fast they get going, and what their acceleration was like on the way there — all in real-time.



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Researchers create ‘electronic skin’ equipped with memory

wearable sensors

The wearable sensor stores and transmits motion data and delivers drugs.

A wearable device that is as thin as a temporary tattoo and can store and transmit data about a person’s movements, receive diagnostic information and release drugs into skin has been developed by researchers.



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Eight Reason Why Future Computers will make better Decisions than Doctors

…and eight reasons why we will still need doctors

Futurist Thomas Frey:  “2014 will be the year the ’quantified self’ goes mainstream.” Those were the words Silicon Valley prodigy Marc Andreessen used in a recent article to describe changes about to happen to American healthcare.



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Edible batteries could power smart medicine pills

A flexible biodegradable battery just may be what the doctor ordered.

What happens when you forget a dose of medication your doctor has prescribed for a condition that relies on the timed delivery of your medicine? Enter the smart pill, a sensor-equipped capsule that you only need to take just once. The smart pill releases medicine on a schedule or as your body needs it. But what would power that pill? The answer is simple: an edible battery.



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DropTag – sensor let’s you know when your packaged has been dropped, damaged


Many people have had the misfortune of receiving a package that has been roughhoused in transit. A lot of times we don’t even realized it until we opened the package. Cambridge Consultants’ DropTag might just serve as the insurance we need.


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Wi-fi sensor gives your dying plants a voice to plead for help

wifi plant sensor 2353

Is you plant smiling or dying?

If you’ve been using Koubachi’s iOS app to remember when it’s time to water your plants, the company’s new wireless sensor will give your greenery an even better fighting chance of survival if you’re lacking a green thumb.

Whereas the app used your location, the local soil conditions, and the type of plant to make an educated guess as to when it needed watering, misting, or fertilization. Koubachi’s new Wi-fi plant sensor takes the guesswork out of the equation, automatically measuring moisture, temperature, and light…

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