The Car-Sharing Wars Have Begun

Not long after Zipcar had a successful IPO, car rental behemoth Hertz is going for the jugular by expanding its own car-sharing capabilities in New York City, an important market, and by slashing fees and guaranteeing car availability…

Hertz said it will expand pick-up locations for car sharing members to more than 100 spots in New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC and other markets. Hertz also said it will allow its members to drop off cars at a different location than they pick up.”Because we are able to leverage the power of the Hertz brand, Connect by Hertz offers what no other car sharing club can: a fee-free program that provides all of the benefits of car sharing as well as convenience and flexibility from the leading global car rental company,” Hertz said in its news release. (source)

Zipcar is still much bigger than Hertz when it comes to car-sharing, though (560,000 members versus 30,000), but there’s nothing like some healthy competition to spur innovation and improve service for the customers of these companies.

Via Hertz (12),WSJ

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