The ‘sharing economy’ is the next big thing

The Avis acquisition of Zipcar suggests that the sharing economy has come of age.

Revolution made their first bet on the concept of sharing nearly 10 years ago with their investments in Exclusive Resorts (2003) and Flexcar (2005).   The “sharing economy” now extends across multiple verticals – we’re sharing cars, movies, extra rooms in our homes, online lectures, and even our time.  Yesterday Avis Budget Group announced that they will acquire Zipcar which marks a significant milestone for the concept of collaborative consumption.



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Transportation in 2020


In 10 years, your commute will be short, cheap and, dare we say, fun.

America is a culture of mobility. Geographic and social mobility have always played a critical role in our nation’s promise–they are part of our DNA, tied to the American Dream and our values of freedom, independence and exploration. For the last 100 years this dream manifested itself in the automobile. In the last 50, the airplane played a critical role. But things are changing, as the auto industry undergoes radical transformation, fear of terrorism makes air travel a chore, and uncertain energy supplies destabilize the world. These shifts are reshaping American attitudes about mobility. In 2020 a new generation will emerge from a period of frugality into one of resourcefulness and resilience. Americans will start searching for transportation solutions that are smarter, healthier, slower and more social.


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