whaletone 2345

The Whaletone is an artful recreation of what a piano can be.

One night, Robert Majkut had a dream. That dream was to recreate the piano in a grander form. So Robert took this whale of an idea and created this: an electric keyboard called the Whaletone…

It seemed to me a little imprecise, fuzzy. Shapes were looming, fading away, then replacing one another. Maybe it was the whales I saw during the day, maybe the smooth motion of waves, or maybe just many things have overlapped and blended into one animated sequence of pictures. What I saw was a grand piano – yet totally different from all I have seen before. As though it was challenging the classic notion of a piano. Soft, flowing, frozen movement of a gigantic animal.

Although I was moved by the dream, I did not appreciate its meaning at first. I realized how little had changed in this instrument over so many years. Intrigued with this discovery, I began to chase the dim picture trapped in my memory. At first, my mind lead me astray, struggling with habits, experience, intuition and beliefs. It took me a long time to sketch the form, which came across as something vaguely imitating the vision concealed in my mind. And then, one day, while working on this concept already a bit obsessively, my mind unlocked and my hand drew the piano from my dream. I immediately recognized it. I instantly knew I got it.
Monumental – like a whale emerging from the water, slow – like the movement of a giant. Charming, majestic, delicate and melodious, like romantic calls of coquetting whales…

I knew it called for being made.

From that moment on, I have known that in the depths of our minds there are ready-made, complete, good ideas. Concepts, forms, choices that are beyond our comprehension until we release them. This is one of them – Whaletone – my version of a singing whale.

Link – via Doobybrain