Will A.I. and machine learning make everyone a musician?

AI Musician 2

Music and other live performance art has always been at the cutting edge of technology so it’s no surprise that artificial intelligence and machine learning are pushing its boundaries.

As AI’s ability to manage key elements of the creative process continue to evolve, should artists be worried about the machines taking over? Probably not, says Douglas Eck, research scientist at Google’s Magenta.

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Derek Paravicini: The Musical Genius



Born 3-and-a-half months prematurely, Derek Paravicini was so small that his doctor presumed that he was dead. Just as his mother had given up hope, she heard the faintest whimper. To keep him alive, he was put on oxygen but improper equipment left him blind and autistic. At the tender age of 2 years old, Derek discovered the piano, and his life was never the same.

Fast forward 30 years. Derek couldn’t tell his left from right and could barely count to ten but his brain is a perfectly programmed musical computer.

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World’s Largest and Longest Piano


When he was 16 years old and despite having no formal training, Adrian Mann of New Zealand decided that he was going to build a piano. Not just any piano – but the world’s largest and longest grand piano, built from scratch entirely by hand. Four years later, he completed his masterpiece …

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Yamaha AvantGrand Digital Piano


Sweet Sound

Plenty of digital pianos can deliver a sound that’s amazingly close to the real thing, but ask any professional pianist, and they will tell you that the those ones and zeros skip a key part of the analog piano experience. With an acoustic piano, when the hammers strike the strings they create vibrations in the instrument are both heard and felt by the pianist. Even if the key action has been accurately recreated, up till now no digital keyboard could return those good vibes to the player. Continue reading… “Yamaha AvantGrand Digital Piano”