Inside the vineyard hotel where guests can spend the night in giant wine barrels


The giant wine barrels have been transformed into luxury hotel rooms and they’re right in the heart of a vineyard

The wine barrels have been transformed into glamping pods

The Wine House Hotel – Quinta da Pacheca , in Portugal’s famous Douro Valley, has transformed a series of its giant wine barrels into cosy hotel rooms, so you can sleep in the heart of the vineyard.     Basically, it’s the ultimate glamping experience for any wine connaisseur.   The wine barrels are nestled amidst the Quinta da Pacheca vineyard, meaning that guests can open up the doors and enjoy unrivalled views of the breathtaking landscape.

Inside, there’s everything you need for a comfortable stay; a large double bed, a shower room, sink and toilet.   It’s got a rustic chic vibe thanks to the wooden interiors, but still plenty of little luxurious touches for a luxury feel.

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A look into the future of hospitality and coworking

coworking hotel

What if you could book a room at a hotel where you choose your actual room, when you first book the space. It would be similar to choosing a seat on an airline seating chart. The difference is that instead of choosing a window or an aisle, you choose high or low floors, close proximity to the elevators, your preferred bed configuration, and even your room category, depending on size and view: “Smart Street,” “Smart Garden” or “Smart Maisonette” (two-level suite). Welcome to the Hotel Schani in Vienna, Austria!

If you’re looking for a refreshing new coworking community to join, check out the futurist tech community at the DaVinci Institute in Westminster, CO.

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Aloft Hotel in California to test ‘Botlr,’ a robotic bellhop


A.L.O. the Botlr

Starwood brand, Aloft, aims to deliver a fresh approach to the traditional hotel landscape, offering a tech-forward experience and modern style for the next generation of traveler. They recently announced a new member of its Cupertino team, A.L.O., the hotel brand’s first Botlr (robotic butler). This cyber associate will perform both front and back of house duties at the hotel, assisting staff in delivering amenities to guest rooms and other tasks.



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Smartphones to replace room keys at Hilton hotels

smartphone key

The new smartphone key feature will arrive in six hotels in 2015.

Spurred by growing competition, Hilton has announced that its hotels will allow customers to take self-check-ins one step further, using their iPhone or Android handset as a room key. The feature won’t start arriving until 2015, but when it does, it’ll arrive at six of the company’s hotel brands.



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iPhones to replace room keys at select Starwood hotels


The international hospitality chain, Starwood, has two boutique hotels that will soon let travelers bypass the check-in counter and unlock their room by using digital keys sent to a special application available for Apple’s iPhone.



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The Water Discus Hotel – an underwater hotel in Dubai

The Water Discus in Dubai is one of the latest projects in an underwater hotel. The hotel comprises two discs – an underwater and above-water one. This combination will allow guests to admire the depths of the ocean while making the most of the warm climate. (Video and photos)


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Las Vegas businessman bets $500 million on space hotel

Pictured with Bigelow is a BA 330 module, similar in function to what the new Bigelow Expandable Activity Module will be.

Robert Bigelow is a hotel ans aerospace entrepreneur,  He got rich off budget hotel suites that start at $189 a week. Now they are funding his dream of building inflatable space habitats with rates topping $400,000 a day.



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Snoozebox – portable hotel made from shipping containers



We have seen tough, stackable, easy-to-transport steel shipping containers used for everything from a traveling restaurant to a mobile classroom to an off-grid house. But now , the British company Snoozebox has come up with yet another clever use for them – a modular, scalable portable hotel system made up of multiple tiered containers, that can be set up anywhere within 48 hours. (Video and pics)

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Moby Hotel or disaster relief housing?

ark 342323

Is this the shape of the future?

If you happen to be curious about what the future home of your grandchildren might look like, take a glance at Remistudio’s concept hotel called The Ark. Russian architect, Alexander Remizov, is the mastermind behind the project, he believes that his floating “slinky,” which can hold up to 10,000 people can have multiple uses, including a safe house for disaster relief. The prototype’s main materials are timber, steel ,and high-strength ETFE plastic and it is built to handle land and/or water…

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Amazing time-lapse video of a 30 story hotel built in 15 days in China


Broad Group, a Chinese construction company, is known for putting up buildings with record speed. How fast? According to Gizmodo, the company owned by Xian Min Zhang, most recently, constructed a 30 story, 183,000-square-foot hotel in 15 days — 360 hours.

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