The iPad also comprises 2.1 percent of browsing in the U.S.

Apple first launched its popular iPad a little over a year ago, and the tablet now accounts for 1 percent of global Web browsing, according to data from NetMarketShare.


The stats, which were first reported by The Register, show that the iPad also comprises 2.1 percent of browsing in the United States.

Mobile Web browsing is dominated by iOS devices, NetMarketShare found. The iPhone and iPad combined comprise about 60 percent of mobile Web browsing in the states. Alone, the iPad accounts for about a quarter (25.5 percent) and the iPad makes up 35.5 percent.

By contrast, 31.6 percent of mobile Internet surfing is done on Android-based devices, including both smartphones and tablets. RIM’s BlackBerry is the third most-used platform for mobile browsing, but according to the data, it has a much smaller share of the space with just 6.9 percent.

The iPad has clearly been the top tablet on the market. Other companies have produced their own tablet PCs, like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and HP’s TouchPad, but there hasn’t yet been a device that has presented significant competition to the iPad. The iPad 2 was unveiled just four months ago, and already there’s rampant speculation about what will will be included in the iPad 3.

Another recent study from comScore found that the iPad accounts for 97 percent of all tablet traffic on the Web. On the other hand, Android-based tablets only make up 0.6 percent of tablet traffic, comScore reported.

Despite the impressive stats, Apple reported a decline in iPad sales in its last earning call, possibly due to a hitch in its supply chain. The company sold 4.69 million iPads, down from the 7.33 million sold in the fourth quarter. Apple will report second quarter results on July 19, and iPad sales are expected to be between seven and nine million. It’s rumored that Apple will step up iPad shipments in the third quarter, with some predicting that Apple will aim to ship as many as 14 million of its second-gen tablet.

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