Zappos-Image-Big-more than shoes

Zappos tickles your fancy while displaying their product line.

Zappos has launched an ad campaign that expands the definition of “interactive” — by using QR codes to let consumers dress naked models featured in print ads.

The ads, breaking later this month, seek to drive home the point that Zappos offers “more than shoes,” so that phrase is splashed across the otherwise nude women’s nether regions. The QR codes then lead to a website with a video showing what happened to the women after the ad. Consumers can choose an outfit for the women and go to Zappos to buy it…

The ads feature just women for now, but will add a male character at the end of the month, according to The New York Times.

The campaign is a departure from Zappos’s previous creative approach, which featured Crank Yankers-like puppet dramatizations of Zappos sales reps handing customers’ inquiries.

Note: The ads below don’t contain the QR codes. A rep for Mullen, the ad agency that created the campaign, says they will be added when the ads go live.