OK Go has done some neat stuff in the past 13 years, but this new music video makes “Here It Goes Again” look like amateur hour.
The guys that brought you music videos with Rube Goldbergs and trained dogs, OK Go has released a new music video that uses a glass stage and a whole bunch of unitards to create what can only be described as a human kaleidescope. A look behind the scenes shows how one glass pane captured all of the images which were then combined to create effects like a cascade of bodies or florid designs…

OK Go, with the help of the Pilobolus dance troupe and Google, dance/walk/crawl/roll their way through the song “All Is Not Lost.” Though it starts off pretty simply, the production, directed by OK Go and Trish Sie, gets increasingly complex. Eventually, feet are spelling words, people are seemingly airborne and bodies are intertwined to the point that NewsFeed has no idea which end is up.
There is also an interactive version, compatible with Google Chrome, in which viewers can choreograph the dance themselves using HTML5.
OK Go has always tried to push the limits on art and music. “Working with Pilobolus – and of course with Trish –has been great because they share our belief that last century’s creative boundaries are irrelevant,” lead singer Damian Kulash told Gigwise.


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