tooth tattoo

Teeth tattoos

Teeth grills have been worn for years by rappers and hip-hop stars. But women in Japan are dropping the gold and ice and trading them in for Hello Kitty teeth decals. Yes, teeth tattoos are a fashion trend in Japan.



Japan isn’t a stranger to strange fashion trends. Remember the glowing LED smiles? The latest craze appears to be temporary teeth tattoos — like nail art, but for your teeth.

Why are Japanese girls decorating their teeth? For discovering individual identity, of course. Just as cellphone straps and dongles are still popular in Japan, mixing and matching your nail polish and lipstick color to these new teeth tattoos is becoming a thing.


According to JapanTrend, the teeth tattoos are harmless on your pearly whites and is only affixed to the tooth “by a special glue, using LED light which simply fastens and dries the glue.” All teeth tattoos can also be removed “after a few days.”

In Japan, showing off your teeth tattoo might not trigger dumb stares, but if I saw somebody with one in the U.S., I’d probably leap back a step, just because it’s so different.

Via Dvice