Are you ready to show off your artistic prowess?

The DaVinci Institute is pleased to announce a “call for artists” for the Inventor Art Competition.

The theme of this competition is inventors and their great inventions. Inventors chosen may be contemporary or from any time in the past. They just have to show the mark of being a great inventor.

When you think of a great inventor, who do you think of? What invention did they create?

Certainly one thinks of Edison and the Tesla but these are easy targets and every day names. How about when you stretch your imagination and think about the inventors of commonly used every day objects? Who are some of these more obscure inventors that made a huge impact on society and the world at large and how would you infuse their creations with your artistic vision?

A series of finalists will be chosen from the all-digital submissions and exhibited at the DaVinci Institute’s Vault with an opening reception to be held on October 7 from 5-9pm.

One artist will receive the Best of Show Award. The winning work of art will become the official focal image for the 2011 DaVinci Institute’s Inventor Showcase which takes place on November 5, 2011.

The competition judging will take place on October 7 at The Vault located at 511 E South Boulder Road, Louisville, CO.

Deadline for submissions is September 30, 2011.