wear tennaaaaaaa

A new way to save lives.

Getting lost may be getting harder to do with this new scrunchable, stretchable and water-resistant antenna that can be sewn into your clothes…

It’s meant for life vests worn in the water, and connects to the Cospas-Sarsat distress signal network. The Cold War-era system consists of radio beacons on aircraft, ships and satellites, networked with ground receivers and search-and-rescue centers. A ship, plane or person can activate an emergency distress beacon, which transmits a signal that satellites can detect. The satellites report the distress call’s location to rescuers nearby, who can use it to narrow down their search area.

The wearable antenna would transmit a distress signal if the user activates it. It transmits a low-frequency signal, which is an impressive feat for such a small antenna. In field trials, a person wearing the life vest who was marooned at sea could be pinpointed within a few minutes, the ESA says.