Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2011

Logo Hooks® is a new patent-pending concept that creates a branding opportunity while providing an important service. The innovative hook design with space for advertisement creates simple but powerful synergy. Patrons/guests are frustrated by having to place their purses and other possessions in a location that is not secure or sanitary. Logo Hooks® will quickly become a necessity for theatre and event patrons everywhere while creating groundbreaking revenue opportunities for the venue owner.

Logo Hooks® goes beyond the traditional  marketing vehicle and builds a direct memorable relationship with the audience, your customers.

logo hooks 1

Logo Hooks

  • It is an innovative hook with space above for advertisement.
  • A friendly, safe and clean place to hang a patron’s personal belongings.
  • A new branding tool.


  • New, untapped source of revenue.
  • Easy medium to sell to advertisers.
  • Makes walking space more functional and promotes greater safety.


  • Breaks through clutter of ordinary advertising.
  • Offers high visibility and builds direct relationship with consumer.
  • A mini billboard that includes your QR Code.

Via Logo Hooks

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