Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2011 

The YuleaHoop™ is a small round ring with gripping slots that slips over the top branch of your Christmas Tree. The YuleaHoop securely holds ribbons and/or bead garlands in place. Decorating is fast, easy and secure. It will hold string popcorn and cranberries too! YuleaHoop is a revolutionary new way to decorate your tree.


How Does the YuleaHoop™ Work?

Set the YuleaHoop over the very top of the tree. You can also layer the YulaHoop for tall trees.

Drape Ribbon and Beads

Then slip the 1st bead or knotted end of the ribbon into a slot. You can just tuck and drape garland anyway you like.

Holds More Securely

YuleaHoop serves as a platform for your tree topper, keeping it secure and standing straight up.

There’s More

Un-decorate your tree in seconds by removing YuleaHoop with beads or garland still attached. You can store bead garland without getting the beads all tangled by lowerig the beads into a container while still attached to YuleaHoop.

Year Round Use of YuleaHoop
There are several ways that YuleaHoop can be helpful throughout the year. You can hang balloons and crepe paper streamers for an open house or family party. You can create a gazebo for weddings with crystal beads and flower garlands. You can also create a canopy for a little girl’s bed. Hanger device available with YuleaHoop.

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