HOOK-SHOT transforms a mini-liquor bottle into a party ornament

Party decorations that fuel the party.

HOOK-SHOT is a product that transforms a mini-liquor bottle into a party ornament.  While displaying the mini bottles as an ornament at parties and events, the bottle can easily be removed from the red cap and consumed as a shot or added to a cocktail mix.

It is ideal for; Special Events, Office Parties, Christmas Parties or Birthdays, just to name a few possibilities.  In addition there are thousands of individuals around the world who collect mini-liquor bottles and this product provides a simple and effective way for them to bring their bottles off the shelf and into the party or holiday event.  (If you are interested just do a You Tube search for “Mini-Liquor Bottle Collectors” )

While we are providing what we refer to as “coils” in the packages, purchasers will be able to be creative and add an endless variety of other trinkets and adornments over the hook to create their own unique ornaments.  Our coils will initially be available in red, gold and silver, and in both a square and spiral pattern.

The HOOK-SHOT is one of the featured exhibitors at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase, which takes place on Oct 13, 2012 at the Denver Merchandise Mart.

Inventor Don Brinkmann recently took time to talk to us about naming a unique invention, protecting his vision and selling a million widgets…

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Tree Bench – portable bench turns any tree into a shady seat


Tree Bench

Aandeboom, the Dutch team that brought us the clever P-Tree urinal, designed this clever pop-up Tree Bench. This quirky design takes the traditional park bench to another level by supporting it with a set of industrial straps, allowing it to hover over the ground while providing space for plants and grass to thrive beneath it. (Pics)

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Exploding holiday tree ornaments


BANG! Color.

If you’ve had about enough holiday cheer for one year, you can take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. Photographer Alan Sailer likes to shoot Christmas ornaments with a high-powered pellet gun and photograph them with a high-speed camera as they explode into a million shiny pieces. Bah-humbug, indeed!

(more explosions after the jump…)

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Christmas Tree Syndrome – your Christmas tree may be making your sick


Christmas trees could be to blame for a range of health complaints over the holiday season.

Don’t be too quick to judge those who feel under the weather over the holiday season – rather than seasonal overindulgence, it could be their Christmas tree making them ill.

YuleaHoop – a revolutionary new way to decorate your Christmas tree


Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2011 

The YuleaHoop™ is a small round ring with gripping slots that slips over the top branch of your Christmas Tree. The YuleaHoop securely holds ribbons and/or bead garlands in place. Decorating is fast, easy and secure. It will hold string popcorn and cranberries too! YuleaHoop is a revolutionary new way to decorate your tree.


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