Silo to Opera House?

Overlooking the port of Marseille, one of largest cities in France, used to sit an abandoned grain silo. Situated in a neighborhood slated for renovation, the emblematic and highly visible Arenc Silo, built in 1926-7, faced demolition. But rather than destroy the building and start from scratch with new materials, the City decided to transform it. For the last year, the old silo has been in service as a fully renovated opera house and theater…


The renovation was the work of Marseille architecture firm C + T Architectures. The resulting building connects Marseille’s past as a great port city and its cultural present, and features a restaurant with a panoramic view of the city. The large open space at the center of the silo made the perfect venue for an auditorium.

The project cost 11 million euros; the result is one of a kind.