The video is released today, and it does not disappoint.

Succinctly but effectively, Annie Leonard tells the story of how our tax dollars are being misappropriated to prop up an ailing, energy intensive, resource hungry and ultimately counterproductive “dinosaur economy”. And she then goes on to make the case of how we could do things better…

With the accusations of “crony capitalism” still ringing from the grossly overblown Solyndra scandal, it’s good to see somebody stating the blindingly obvious—that crony capitalism is the norm, not the exception. And that we need to reclaim our economy and our tax dollars to work for our collective benefit.

Whether it’s embracing the Plenitude Economy, rejecting the filthy Keystone XL pipeline or getting serious about support for renewable energy, there is plenty that the Government can do to move things forward. But it will only happen if we demand it.

Don’t forget to join us for live chat with Story of Stuff/Story of Broke founder Annie Leonard at 3pm est this Thursday. We’ll be talking about the dinosaur economy, the rapidly emerging real economy, and how we can all help speed up that transition. We may even touch on my thesis on why masturbation is an economic act. (It’s not actually as smutty as it sounds.)