drum machine t-shir

Electronic drum machine shirt.

An actual, functioning drum machine on a shirt. A drum machine that contains a real working looper and 9 different kits with seven professional-grade drum sounds each. A drum machine that allows you to record loops that last up to three minutes.  A drum machine that comes with a working mini-amp that you can clip to your belt. (video)

The drum machine T-shirt is just the latest in Think Geek’s extensive line of interactive apparel that, as Wikipedia says, is “heavily related to and sometimes only understood within the Internet culture.” Other items in the line include the electronic music synthesizer shirt, the electronic rock guitar shirt, and the electronic drum kit shirt. And if all this isn’t dorky enough, there’s also a Wi-Fi detector hat. It looks like a baseball hat but has bars on it that glow when a good Wi-Fi connection is nearby.

Now that’s geeky.

But back to the drum machine shirt — a spokeswoman for Think Geek said that despite the shirt’s unusual functionality, it is not heavy to wear. It does require four AA batteries. The shirt is washable, but you’ll have to take the drum pads and the electronics out first. Think Geek says it’s not as hard as it sounds.

The shirt costs $29.99 and is available on Think Geek’s website. To see the shirt in all its absurd action, check out the video below.


Via Los Angeles Times