The Erector set is one of the most popular toys of all timcenture.

If you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet, you only have one week left.  With only a week left in the shopping season shoppers are beginning to feel the pressure of the holidays.  I haven’t even begun to start my shopping and will probably wait  until a couple of days before Christmas to get it done.  I have done some browsing online when I get a chance.  The gift  selections we have these days are crazy!

It is hard to believe within the span of a century the most popular gifts given have gone from a teddy bear to such things as the xbox 360 and ps3. One can only imagine what the gifts of the future will look like, have you played with kinect. Although I am no longer the avid gamer I used to be I have had the opportunity to play with the kinect, the user interface xbox has created is like Minority Report. Not going to lie I am kind of jealous of the kids of the future, if the world doesn’t end this coming year, they will be getting some pretty kick ass toys.


Via Daily Infographic