Infographic of the top 50 Christmas toys of the past 100 years


The Erector set is one of the most popular toys of all timcenture.

If you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet, you only have one week left.  With only a week left in the shopping season shoppers are beginning to feel the pressure of the holidays.  I haven’t even begun to start my shopping and will probably wait  until a couple of days before Christmas to get it done.  I have done some browsing online when I get a chance.  The gift  selections we have these days are crazy!

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Traditional Baby Showers Are On the Way Out


One non-traditional baby shower is a coed baby party.

It was just like any other open house: A couple dozen men and women popping in and out, snacking on sandwiches and sipping beer and wine. But something besides pita and pulled chicken was being passed around during Jackie Scott’s get-together last fall: Her 2-week-old daughter, Ella, the star of the party.


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