The Rodnik Band’s urinal dress took three weeks of sequin applying and embroidering to make.

Potty dress, glass bikinis, eyelash jewelry, hair necklaces: The list of 2011’s wackiest fashions runs on and on. Whether you liked them or not, or were even brave enough to try them, these styles certainly gave us our money’s worth in entertainment value. (pics)

Here are 10 favorites:

Potty dress (Pictured above)
Would you wear a potty? Probably not, but while you may be hesitant to wear this urinal dress to your next big shindig, some people are less reluctant. The website Not Just a Label sold several of the Rodnick Band’s unique ensemble, based on Duchamp’s Fountain. The look doesn’t come cheap – each dress sells for $2,484.

“There have always been always examples of fashion crossing over to art, and I felt this line hadn’t been fully explored,” Philip Colbert told The Look. “At the end of the day, it’s fun to wear things that are extravagant.”

angry birds

Teija Vesterbacka wore the Angry birds dress to an event at Finland’s presidential palace.

Angry birds dress
The urinal dress wasn’t the only crazy frock on show this year.
The addictive game Angry Birds made its debut in the world of fashion when
Teija Vesterbacka, the wife of an executive at Rovio — the company responsible for the game — wore the dress to an event at the Finnish Presidential Palace earlier this month. That’s one way of promoting your husband’s business.

glass bikini

TV star Kristin Cavallari walks the runway in Diesel’s glass bikini in Miami.

Glass bikini
If you are more of a beach bum than a party-goer, these two swimsuits will really let you stand out from the crowd. Diesel’s glass bikini may be hard to swim in, but it will certainly make a splash at the beach.

“The glass sort of cut into my skin, and I was really nervous,” model and reality-TV star Kristin Cavallari told People magazine after modeling the suit at the designer’s 2012 swim show.

solar bikini

This solar powered bikini can power an MP-3 player or other small appliances.

Solar bikini
Perhaps she should have also tried the solar bikini, a high-tech bathing suit that lets you charge an MP3 player or other small devices while you relax in the sun. Made out of 40 solar panels, this unconventional invention sells for $500 and $1,500 at SolarCoterie.com.

hair necklace

If you like the feeling of stray hairs landing on your skin, then this is the look for you.

Hair necklace
The year’s wackiest fashions weren’t just limited to clothing. We’ve heard of using unique materials to design jewlrey, but designer Kerry Howley’s necklace of human hair really takes the cake. Each necklace takes over 60 hours to create, using broken saw blades to weave the hair into Damask wallpaper patterns and abstract designs. While Howley’s distinctive accessories have earned her awards, more than 89 percent of the readers who took our poll said they would pass on this look.

snakeskin manicure

Nail artist Terri Silacci’s brand-new technique that uses shed snakeskin to give your nails a rockin’ new look.

Snakeskin manicure
We bet your nail salon doesn’t offer a snakeskin manicure. For this unique goody, you will have to head out to Monterey, Calif., where Terri Silacci uses real skin shed by a reptile on her clients’ nails. It takes two hours for the process to be completed, and it can cost up to $300.

Silacci was inspired to create the look by her child, who brought a snakeskin home from science class.

“I find that the initial reaction from people is that’s weird, that’s disgusting,” she told The Look. “And then they say ‘I want it. And I want it right away.”

lip tattoos

Kim Kardashian models Violent Lips’ lip tattoos.

Lip tattoos
Makeup got a makeover of sorts this year with the advent of lip tattoos, worn by none other than trendsetter Kim Kardashian.

These press-on stickers, created by Violent Lips, come in a range of patterns, from polka-dot to leopard. And they wipe off with baby oil so you can show up to the office with no one knowing what was on your lips last night.

While this style is no doubt a real talker, nearly 85 percent of our readers thought it was just plain strange.

flourescent makeup

Formulated with extra fine fluorescent pigments, Fluo Night immediately glows when exposed to UV light while remaining invisible to the naked eye.

Fluorescent makeup
And if lip stickers aren’t wacky enough for you, fluorescent makeup is sure to make you stand out in the crowd. MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Fluo Night is not only fluorescent, but gives off an intense color when worn under UV lights. It comes in eight colors so you can match it to your outfit of choice.

paper eyelashes

Watch out for paper cuts if you wear these paper eyelashes.

Paper eyelashes
We all know how in false eyelashes are, and these paper eyelashes, also known as eyelash jewelry, by Paperself surely put a new spin on this beauty trend. Although labelled “ridiculous” by TODAY co-host Hoda Kotb, the company had its latest designs on display at several fashion shows in London and Paris this past autumn.


These boxer-brief style “junderpants” are one way to spice up your underwear drawer

It’s not just the ladies who were treated to their fair share of off-the-wall fashion. These “junderpants,” boxer-brief style underwear that look like jean shorts, will surely give any man something to talk about, although at $48 they are a bit pricier than your average pair of Hanes.

“For sure, the ‘worn’ denim look is all the rage in Tokyo at the moment,” the site’s description reads, “and this underwear adds innovation to that trend by transposing jeans fashion to your briefs.”

What off-the-wall fashions will 2012 bring? Stay tuned to The Look to find out.