10 craziest fashions of 2011


The Rodnik Band’s urinal dress took three weeks of sequin applying and embroidering to make.

Potty dress, glass bikinis, eyelash jewelry, hair necklaces: The list of 2011’s wackiest fashions runs on and on. Whether you liked them or not, or were even brave enough to try them, these styles certainly gave us our money’s worth in entertainment value. (pics)

Here are 10 favorites:

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How Angry Birds conquered casual gaming


Angry Birds are everywhere!

For nearly two years, the casual game market has belonged to Angry Birds. The megahit app has been downloaded over 400 million times and boasts 30 million daily active users.

For Rovio, the developers behind the juggernaut, the success of Angry Birds has led to movie deals, increased funding and rumors of IPO plans.

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Angry Birds – Unlikely Pop-Culture Craze Goes From Cellphone Screen to Mainstream

angry bird day

Fans celebrate Angry Birds Day

It may sound like a tough sell: a game that involves catapulting birds at elaborate fortresses constructed by evil pigs.  But Angry Birds, a hit game by Rovio, a small Finnish company, is one of the unlikeliest pop-culture crazes of the year — and perhaps the first to make the leap from cellphone screens to the mainstream.


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