Coat hanger sculpture by David Mach.

Sometimes the items we use everyday seem dull and ordinary.  We never think that one day they might serve as material for an inspiring piece of art. Toasters, buttons and even eggshells have become quite impressive art pieces in the past, and predicting the materials that we’ll see used in the future is almost impossible. When it comes to pure creativity, artists who venture into the unknown have to be the most inspiring for aspiring artists today. Overlooking the obvious is nothing an artist should ever do it seems, and that becomes apparent when you find art pieces that border on the brink of madness. (Pics)

David Mach, an artist I wrote about yesterday, is one of those artists whose imagination never stops impressing me. Today we visit his art vault to bring you something razor sharp! Take a look at all those metal coat hangers in your wardrobe and ask yourself, “What can I possibly make out of those if I had the time and energy?”


Well, one interesting undertaking would be to turn thousands of coat hangers into sculptures that truly want you to take a couple steps back, literally. David used thousands and thousands of such metal coat hangers, and he created some of the most insane artwork I have seen in a while. There is a crucified man, a bear and a bunch of other things that are all part of his highly emotional sculptures. One might even say these sculptures truly border on the razor sharp edge of artistry. Amazing!






Via Bit Rebels